Sunday, 12 October 2008

Trapped in a Box by a Cockney Nut Job

Okay, 18th October I'm trekking back to Caerdydd to see the Mighty Boosh. Live.

In the spirit of things, I'm dressing up as the second greatest boosh character...
the Hitcher!

I already have a black coat (thanks to
Kei); on the weekend I bought a spring-loaded retractable toy knife and a fake thumb (which was the base for the giant thumb in the top photo); I ordered gloves and a top hat (which I will glue polos to!) from ebay, and I'm also waiting for the boots to arrive.... I've made my solo polo peeper out of masking tape, cardboard and papier mache (see bottom shot!)

Now I'm waiting for the wig and face paint to arrive.....

p.s. This will also be my halloween costume hahahaha
p.p.s. The greatest character is of course
Rudi van Disarzio, but his afro is too mighty to even begin to contemplate!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

It's all coming together....

Alright you bastards, I'm going to see the Mighty Boosh next Friday,  and in preparation have been putting together a Hitcher costume.  Today I bought toy knife (retractable), a fake thumb (needs some papier mache) and some PVA glue (needs Polos).  My hat and gloves arrived today, now I'm waiting for the boots and need to find the right face paint....