Monday, 24 December 2007


Yeah, Merry Christmas everyone. I know I'm particularly Non-Theistic, but I do enjoy Christmas as an excuse to give/get gifts and generally get pissed. As I've mentioned, I already got the main gift I wanted (th new phone), but I'm just happy that I managed to find everyone a gift. Tomorrow I'll be visiting the disparate elements of my family with my fiance, and eating two (count 'em, TWO) dinners. I hope everyone else has such a jolly time!

And yeah, I have no new art to share. Apart from this picture I drew a while ago: Caron asked me to draw her a robot cow (I won't go into it....)

See y'all on the other side of Crimbo!

Friday, 7 December 2007

Spiders & Monsters

First, an accidental Spider-Man sketch (I was trying to draw something else at the time!):

Also, while digging around me hard drive, I found and finished off these neon monstrosities:

Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Look, real artwork, as promised:

This is an entry for the Kincat club on DeviantART, a new club formed by my fiance and my friend. This month's theme is 'Joy'...

I'm also thinking of giving this blog over to purely artistic pursuits; create an online portfolio of sorts, perhaps. Wordpress looks pretty tidy, maybe I'll use that to vent my garbage everywhere.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Flick It

I finally succumbed and got a Flickr account, which is probably a mistake considering that looking at all of Huw's photos has got me hankering after a new camera again. At the moment, my account only has pics from my Sony Ericsson. Like this:

I swear, my next post will have some actual artwork on it. Honestly.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Holy Jesus Day!

Yeah, it's December, meaning that Christmas is hiding round the corner and is ready to jump out on me when I haven't finished my Christmas shopping. Arse.

As you can see, I'm well aware of how long is left until C-day thanks to my kickass Doctor Who Cyberman advent calendar. Not only does it contain bits of chocolate with Daleks and TARDISs and shit on, it has a number of "surprises" too (I'm guessing crap Dalek toys).

As far as gifts go, I've already had two; money for my passport from Mam, and my snazzy Sony Ericsson K550i from the eternally lovely Kei (which I've been using for photos lately). Yes I am spoiled! I asked my Dad to get me a M2 memory card for me phone, as 64mb just aint enough.

Back in the real world, the last two days of SAND were quite cool. Thursday belonged to Studio AKA, who blew me away with work like Love Paintballing. Love those guys. Friday I arrived late (and missed a talk about porn in anime, boo) but arrived in time to hear a talk about reflections and stuff in Ratatouille, which was quite boring. My interest was saved when Shelley Page from Dreamworks turned up and showed us a bunch of her favourite shorts; some good, some a bit arse. The best by far, however, was (unsurprisingly) a film from Gobelins called Okatapodi. I'll get a link to the actual film as soon as they put it online!

Also, Iwent back to Alicia's to get my tattoo coloured in (whilst actually watching the Mighty Boosh!) - it would have been finished, but I had to leave to catch the last train....