Tuesday, 27 November 2007


Monday, 26 November 2007

Well I'm Hooked

Anyone who glances at my Twitter box over on the right there will see
that I attended animation acting workshop by Ed Hooks at SAND. I'm too tired to write up the experience now, but I will say that he was smart, enthusiastic and above all funny - all key factors in good teaching. Expect a full update tomorrow; in the meantime have a look at the picture of him that I plucked from the internet.

Also, have some art:

Before I forget, here's a photo of my new (unfinished) Mighty Boosh tattoo, as inked by Hunchcat!

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Mmmmm..... Cheeseburger

The only drawing I've done lately is character development doodles for work; and I haven't scanned them yet so I bring you this:

Yes, I've been playing with the Lolcat builder, using pictures of my cat, at I Can Has Cheez Burger. For most of today. To be fair though, I've had a lot of downtime, as I've been waiting to see Robin Lyons at Calon to get some feedback for our storyboards.

If I'm lucky, (and a good boy) Kei might be getting me a new phone for Christmas. It's a Sony Ericsson k550i, and I wants it. I think it will be handy for taking pictures and blogging when we go to Bangkok in January.

Also, I've been using Firefox a lot lately.
It's only because it's the default browser for EVERYTHING on my work PC, and I haven't been able to figure out how to change it. Although I've come around to it a bit more now that I've discovered how easily I can download and install new themes and add-ons. Really though, Internet Explorer does the same as Firefox... but better.

Friday, 16 November 2007

The Boosh is BACK!

Is everyone aware that series 3 of The Mighty Boosh started last night? Once again it returns to BBC3..... at 10:30 in the night. Seriously, you'd think with the gargantuan fanbase the programme has acquired, it would get a better slot!

Anyway, I'm pleased to say, it's awesome. Howard, Vince, Naboo and Bollo return, this time working in Naboo's shop, Nabootique (how very lol). In this episode, Naboo and Bollo bugger off on a stag weekend, leaving Howard and Vince to run the shop....

The best way to describe this is "the same, but different". It's the same mix of surreal humour and ridiculous songs, outlandish costumes and rubbish props, but judging by the little bits of crap CG creeping in, they've been given a bigger budget to work with. There are some well-loved secondary characters that return, as well as old faces in new guises. In short, it's the best thing since teflon elbow patches, and EVRYONE needs to see it. If you missed it, there's a repeat on Sunday at some point. If you miss THAT, I suggest that you use the intrawebz to illegally download it (NOTE: I do not endorse illegally downloading shit).

In more artistic news, here's a Flash picture what I done. The original sketch was done by Liquid-Genius on DeviantART, and he asked me to ink it. I drew the whole thing using the straight line tool, and am quit happy with the results.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

More Robotzzzzzzz

This seems to be all I can draw lately. It's not too bad though, lets me work on poses and such.

Bangkok is coming closer..... we're heading off on January the 11th, and yesterday I got a suitcase and my combined Typhoid and Hepatitis A shots (I'm happy to say, no ill effects.... so far).

Othwerwise, I'm so annoyed. In August I took a letter from Cyfle to my local council, and asked would we have to pay council tax, or pay less (seeing as this is a training scheme and not a fully paid job). They had no idea, said they would look into it, and shortly sent us letters saying that our property was exempt from tax until 2008. In October we got a letter asking for proof that there were students living in the house in order to claim tax exemption; a little strange considering we'd already been told that we were exempt. I went back to the council, and some blonde bitch had a poke round, called somone up, and now we're supposed to be getting different forms to fill in; these will apparently 'disregard' us from the tax stuff, but will still make us pay something on the house. WHICH IS RETARDED.

On top of all that, my bank is an arse. If you have a Student account, you can automatically have a Graduate account when you graduate. I never had a student account, so I asked if I could get a graduate one anyway. Sure, they said, just bring in your graduation certificate. So I did. Now some other person tells me that since I did not have a student account, I need the certificate AND proof that I have a job. Unsurprising, really, given the amount of utter crap I've had to put up with from this bank before.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Licensed to Sketch

The latest craze on DeviantART, and you can thank Stixman for that!

Saturday, 10 November 2007


Next item on the list. All done in Photoshop. It's not very good...... but then I need the practice don't I? So there.

Friday, 9 November 2007

For Sale....

Basically I want to sell my old bass guitar. It's a black Tanglewood rebel 4-string, fairly good condition, active pickups. I don't need it as I have a Cruiser 5-string.
I shall post photos of it when I get home. Anyone interested?

In the meantime, got all inspired last night and drew this:

Thursday, 8 November 2007


Here are some photos I managed to get off my mobile phone last night, shortly before my computer suddenly decided that the phone didn't exist anymore....

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Back with the Drawz

I've been snowed under with work stuff lately, and haven't had time to do any nice drawings. Well that didn't stop me fucking out bunches of sketches, some of which are here. These are of a character I designed when I was about 16, and have been developing since; unfortunately it now bears a striking resemblance to someone from Ben 10. Shit.

Anyhow, went out twice for Hallowe'en this year, once as the Doctor and once as Eddie from Bottom (with my friend Allyn as Richie), while Kei made it as Little Red Riding Hood and the Queen of Hearts respectively. Much drinking ensued! And photos will soon follow.....

In the meantime, click below to see an Hilarious .gif!