Wednesday, 14 November 2007

More Robotzzzzzzz

This seems to be all I can draw lately. It's not too bad though, lets me work on poses and such.

Bangkok is coming closer..... we're heading off on January the 11th, and yesterday I got a suitcase and my combined Typhoid and Hepatitis A shots (I'm happy to say, no ill effects.... so far).

Othwerwise, I'm so annoyed. In August I took a letter from Cyfle to my local council, and asked would we have to pay council tax, or pay less (seeing as this is a training scheme and not a fully paid job). They had no idea, said they would look into it, and shortly sent us letters saying that our property was exempt from tax until 2008. In October we got a letter asking for proof that there were students living in the house in order to claim tax exemption; a little strange considering we'd already been told that we were exempt. I went back to the council, and some blonde bitch had a poke round, called somone up, and now we're supposed to be getting different forms to fill in; these will apparently 'disregard' us from the tax stuff, but will still make us pay something on the house. WHICH IS RETARDED.

On top of all that, my bank is an arse. If you have a Student account, you can automatically have a Graduate account when you graduate. I never had a student account, so I asked if I could get a graduate one anyway. Sure, they said, just bring in your graduation certificate. So I did. Now some other person tells me that since I did not have a student account, I need the certificate AND proof that I have a job. Unsurprising, really, given the amount of utter crap I've had to put up with from this bank before.

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Ken said...

great sketches dude!

Oh god... I feel for you man. I know the woes of council tax and trying to sort it out and people telling u one thing one minute and another thing another minute.

Damn I miss being a student