Saturday, 10 January 2009


Doubt anyone comes here any more, but stuff has happened since the last post (of course). So, for your enjoyment, here is a dainty list of bullet points:

  • Saw the Mighty Boosh live, and it was good
  • Lost my job at doof thanks the credit crunch (now a full-blown credit crisis)
  • Got a Christmas job at Forbidden Planet
  • My grandfather fell ill, and it turned out he had a tumour in his stomach, which he is now getting chemo for
  • I got a contract with Orange for a Blackberry, so now my wish of emails on the move has been fulfilled
  • Christmas was good, and I finally watched Dark Knight (Heath Ledger sucked, by the way)
  • 2008 became 2009
  • Kei and I looked at a new flat, because we gave notice to move out by the end of January
  • None of the Christmas temps got kept on, so now I'm unemployed
  • My birthday rolled around, and I got Guitar Hero 3
  • Now we're waiting to see if we get the flat, and I'm looking for a damned job again
I think that about covers it? There's probably more, but that covers the main events since October. Shit happens. And now, I have things to be getting on with....