Sunday, 13 December 2009


This blog has been knocking around for so long now that many of the links on the sidebar are defunct.  Time to hack away at some of the decay and maybe include some new ones, I think.

Also, the other day I was bemoaning the fact that women have much cooler clothes available than men, including hats, but I managed to find a new hat that I liked.  Yes, it may be brown and woolly, but it covers my ears and my newly-shaved head (which is important now that the weather is starting to get a bit cold).  It may well be a bit of a granny hat, but it does the trick.Woolly motherfucker hat

Note: my aforementioned shaved-head is so stubbly that it acts like velcro, making removing or adjusting said hat a bit fiddly.

Did I really spent two-thirds of a blog post talking about a hat? You’d better believe I fucking did.

Q: Why would you park a car like this?

A: because you're a fucking twat.

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Monday, 30 November 2009

Pointless Update

Last Thursday my back started hurting so badly that by 2am I couldn’t breathe.  May have had something to do with falling down the stairs on my back twice in the last two weeks, but whatever.  It’s starting to hurt a bit less now.

Also, let’s see if this Flickr plugin thing works:

Hey look at that, it’s my boy!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Video & Waves

Between us, Kei and I must have taken over a thousand photos of baby Milo since his birth (and the poor sod’s only 8 weeks old!), but yesterday I dug out Kei’s old* mini DV camcorder so that we could capture those moments not quite so suited to digital stills – ie, him flailing his arms and shouting gibberish, like a very small drunk.

It’s been good fun, and I anticipate that soon my external hard drive will be filled with hours of footage that are of no interest to anyone but his doting parents :)

In other news, I finally got a Google Wave invite from Bob! Now I was never quite sure how Wave was supposed to work or what it was supposed to do, but from the moment it was announced I wanted in; mainly because a) it’s made by Google, and b) it’s new. So yeah, me and about 3 people I know are on there.  I like it, but it’s hard to describe; kind of like emails, but that can also be public, like Twitter, but with realtime editing and a slew of options for embedding media and such.

This morning I did find out how to search public Waves, so I’ve been talking to random people and finding out how some of the other features work, which is really cool, so it’s not so bad that so few of my friends are on here.  I guess the only thing to do is keep playing with it and see how it gradually develops; maybe it’ll grow into something as all-pervasive as Twitter, or maybe Google will give up on it and drop it like a hot bag of shit.  Who knows?


*old as in, bought in about 2005.  Not really old, but already quite dated…

Thursday, 19 November 2009

They Even do Great Pixel Animation....NSFW

Just saw this hilarious, scatological animated music video.  Didn't realise until the end.... that it's made by bloody French people. Again.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Another test, this time of vPost

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Franimation Again

Yet more French people being good at animation. Those bastards.


Sunday, 15 November 2009

Email Post

Just a test, folks.
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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Let’s pretend that Shrek never happened

Let’s face it, Dreamworks haven’t exactly made a lot of great animated films.  Kung Fu Panda was fantastic, but that was a rare blip in a history of ok (Monsters vs. Aliens) and terrible (the Shreks) films.

But lo!  Here is a trailer for a new Dreamworks offering that not only features some nice animation and non-hideous character models, but also seems to not completely rely on dated pop-culture references.

Just a shame about the terrible voice acting of the lead character, really.


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Blah Boobidy Baya

Day two of Argos training: complete.  Now I know the mysterious inner workings of the big place where they keep all the stuff that you buy!  It’s not bad so far, pretty straightforward like.  It’s a shame that it’s only for the Christmas period.  I don’t think I have the will to look for another job afterwards. 

That’s all I have to say really, other than that I feel really, really, really tired, and that my showreel is taking longer to finish than it really should.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Curse you Frenchies

In terms of animation, and art in general, French people seem to inexplicably kick arse (look at some of the stuff coming from Gobelins…).  Just look at this trailer I found – I’m assuming it’s French purely because the people involved in creating it are called things like Charles Lefebvre and Thierry River – how do they bloody do it?


Bloody French people do it again

Friday, 6 November 2009


That Argos interview must have gone alright – they said they would call everyone later in the afternoon to let them know whether or no they had been successful, and sure enough, come 6:51pm, they called to say I’d got the job.

Or they would have if I hadn’t been using the toilet. 

I got the voicemail message, and tried to call back (as they asked) to discuss contracts and start dates and whatnot, but couldn’t get a fucking answer.

I tried calling again this morning, again to no avail. I will try again this afternoon. But as far as I know, I am now employed. See the look of joy upon my features:



Thursday, 5 November 2009

Argos Again

I have another interview at Argos today.


Yes well last month they phoned me, twice, to ask me about my application, and even invited me for a group interview.

I didn’t get anywhere with this, but then yesterday they asked me to come to the big branch in the retail park for an interview.

So fingers crossed, ‘cos I really need a fucking job now.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Epic Win(dows)

Kei finally went and got a new PC (that she will actually be able to get some work done on, rather than needing to use my laptop).  It’s a Packard Bell quad core beast, that comes with the brand new and shiny Windows 7 (64bit).

And what can I say?  Other than, it’s nice.  I think someone at Microsoft sat down and finally listened to what people thought, and designed a UI that doesn’t feel like a labyrinthine insult to the end user – even if it does look like a Vista update rather than a replacement.  It’s made me want to shell out £59 quid to install it on my computer now, thought I can’t find a job and the job centre have neglected to pay me any jobseeker’s allowance yet, so fuck knows how long before that’ll happen.



Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sweet Jesus

Anyone who knows me, knows how little respect or tolerance I have for organised religion.  Christianity in particular is like a childish joke to me.

But without the story of Jesus Christ, there would have been no inspiration for this amazing animation.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… Jesus 2000.

Monday, 19 October 2009


Well, had my interview.  Thankfully it was pretty short as interviews go, and I think I did OK.

Until I got to the door, tried to put my jacket on, and got my watch caught in a tear in the lining of my sleeve…. as I do every single time I put the damn thing on. I must have looked a right tit.

I just don’t think sometimes.

I had a chuckle when I arrived at the shop though - I had just told one employee I had an interview, when Boris, who works in the warehouse, came over to say hi.  The other guy turned to me and said, “do you knows this ‘tard?”

Sunday, 18 October 2009


Ohhh shit I have an interview at Currys tomorrow.

Thanks in no small part to the recommendation of my friend Chris who was worked there for years now… but I’m still nervous.  Look, I know I’m good for the job ok? I just happen to really suck hard at interviews.

In any case, expect to hear how it went soon.  If it turns out to be another rejection, expect some drunken incoherent posts instead…

Saturday, 17 October 2009


I don’t really have anything of any interest to write today, but I’ve just downloaded Windows Live Writer and am trying it out on my blogs.  I know, it seems a bit redundant to have a dedicated program for writing blog posts, which you can use offline, when you need to be online to post them anyway, but it’s pretty cool.  For a start it’s a lot more flexible when it comes to post editing than the standard Blogger interface, and lets you interface with multiple blogs.  I’ve also been using Windows Live Mail to manage my manifold email accounts too, so I guess I’m one sep closer to becoming a total Microsoft whore (though I will never, EVER use Windows Media Player – not  while it’s a hamfisted, bloated and unusable piece of crap anyway.) Writer also has a plugin which automatically creates a Twitter entry when you write a new post, which is great too.

So that’s it really.  In other news, I have an interview for a job at Currys on Monday – I’m confident that I’m suited for the role.  I just suck at interviews.

I’ll leave you with this image that demonstrates what happens when you leave me with a baby and a webcam:


Thursday, 15 October 2009

Brief Update

Just looked at that post where I said my Grandfather was ill - yeah he died in like July.  Completely unfair of course; I could name about one hundred people more deserving, but there you go.

And my son was born in September, so he missed that by only a couple of months.  Anyway, baby Milo is great, he's the picture of health and growing fast!  His mother is recovering well, and I'm struggling with unemployment again.  Only back in Wales now.

So that's it from me.

Fuck you all.

Thursday, 11 June 2009


Wow. Looks like I've completely forgotten about this blog. Well, it's not so much that it's forgotten, just that I've been busy uploading stuff to my art blog, and so there doesn't seem to be much need to update this one. And of course I'm mostly active on DeviantART. Although I had forgotten how therepeutic it can be to just type a post full of nonsense.

So what else is new? Still working at Forbidden Planet, for the time being. Still drawing, though I really need to be animating more. My cat is trying to eat a stale chip covered in barbecue sauce. I have just discovered an awesome band called Bury Your Dead (their back catalogue turned out to be of great comfort during the hellish Tube strike over the last couple of days.

That about covers it I think. There's other stuff, but I don't feel like going into it now...

Saturday, 10 January 2009


Doubt anyone comes here any more, but stuff has happened since the last post (of course). So, for your enjoyment, here is a dainty list of bullet points:

  • Saw the Mighty Boosh live, and it was good
  • Lost my job at doof thanks the credit crunch (now a full-blown credit crisis)
  • Got a Christmas job at Forbidden Planet
  • My grandfather fell ill, and it turned out he had a tumour in his stomach, which he is now getting chemo for
  • I got a contract with Orange for a Blackberry, so now my wish of emails on the move has been fulfilled
  • Christmas was good, and I finally watched Dark Knight (Heath Ledger sucked, by the way)
  • 2008 became 2009
  • Kei and I looked at a new flat, because we gave notice to move out by the end of January
  • None of the Christmas temps got kept on, so now I'm unemployed
  • My birthday rolled around, and I got Guitar Hero 3
  • Now we're waiting to see if we get the flat, and I'm looking for a damned job again
I think that about covers it? There's probably more, but that covers the main events since October. Shit happens. And now, I have things to be getting on with....