Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Epic Win(dows)

Kei finally went and got a new PC (that she will actually be able to get some work done on, rather than needing to use my laptop).  It’s a Packard Bell quad core beast, that comes with the brand new and shiny Windows 7 (64bit).

And what can I say?  Other than, it’s nice.  I think someone at Microsoft sat down and finally listened to what people thought, and designed a UI that doesn’t feel like a labyrinthine insult to the end user – even if it does look like a Vista update rather than a replacement.  It’s made me want to shell out £59 quid to install it on my computer now, thought I can’t find a job and the job centre have neglected to pay me any jobseeker’s allowance yet, so fuck knows how long before that’ll happen.



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