Saturday, 17 October 2009


I don’t really have anything of any interest to write today, but I’ve just downloaded Windows Live Writer and am trying it out on my blogs.  I know, it seems a bit redundant to have a dedicated program for writing blog posts, which you can use offline, when you need to be online to post them anyway, but it’s pretty cool.  For a start it’s a lot more flexible when it comes to post editing than the standard Blogger interface, and lets you interface with multiple blogs.  I’ve also been using Windows Live Mail to manage my manifold email accounts too, so I guess I’m one sep closer to becoming a total Microsoft whore (though I will never, EVER use Windows Media Player – not  while it’s a hamfisted, bloated and unusable piece of crap anyway.) Writer also has a plugin which automatically creates a Twitter entry when you write a new post, which is great too.

So that’s it really.  In other news, I have an interview for a job at Currys on Monday – I’m confident that I’m suited for the role.  I just suck at interviews.

I’ll leave you with this image that demonstrates what happens when you leave me with a baby and a webcam:


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