Wednesday, 6 December 2006

That Is So Metal

A while ago, I was discussing with my friend the fact that Deviant Art is full of too much namby pamby fairy stuff, most of which is just shit, and that it needed more metal pictures.

This is the metal picture I produced using flash in the next fifteen minutes; it's not finished, and judging by my normal work rate... it never will be.

It's a good start though.

Irresponsible X-Men

When I was working on a flash project not long ago, I got a bit bored and drew some 'humourous' X-Men drawings. It's partly Ben's fault, he was joining in.

Alright, the Incredible Hulk isn't an X-Man, but he is awesome.

Tuesday, 13 June 2006

A Little Comparison

Funny how not long after my last post, our printed business cards came back. There's how mine turned out. The composition is different, because when we designed it we had to leave a 'bleed area around the card, to make sure the image and text would fit inside the area that would be cut. Of course, I was rushing mine for the deadline, so I left part of my image outside the correct area. Oh, and the colours came out perfectly - they just look wrong in this image because the scanner went a bit crap.

Oh well.
I'm quit pleased with my stack of business cards anyway!

Wednesday, 7 June 2006

Because the Universe Hates Me.

I've decided to put up my business card, which I had to design in uni a couple of weeks ago.
For the crack like.

Right. It's that time of year again - the Glammies is coming, and of course students were shortlisted for nominations. For awards. Nick, the tutor, also wanted my film to go in. But I had only finished it in rough, and of course it needed to be cleaned up and coloured to go in.
So Nick decided that all the other 2D animation students in my year should help me finish it.

Cue the hatred.

So for the last week, I had to finish some animation while everyone else cleaned it up. Then it had to be scanned into Animo (animation colouring and compositing programme type thing) and coloured, and then re-timed and exported to put it together as a film. So it's been a complete mind fuck, and would have been utterly impossible if my wonderful girlfriend hadn't acted as production manager/clean up artist/ and basically organising everything for me.

It's not finished yet, but what has been done of it has been sent off today with the other student films for judging. We still have to try and get it done for the Glammies next Friday....

So big respect to everyone who basically made my film!

No time to make post, time is short.
Here is my recently designed business card.

Wednesday, 24 May 2006


Right now I'm hectically scanning my dope sheets (also known as X Sheets. It's an animation thing. Look it up.), the deadline is STILL Friday and I STILL have 2 complete scenes to animate - and at least three to go back over. AND I have to scan half my layouts (ie, about 100 bits of paper). Fuck.

But on a side note, I bring this:

Yes, he does look a little 'flamboyant', I'll admit. It was inspired partly by Henry Flint's work on the recent ABC Warriors strip in 2000AD, and partly by a recent visit by life drawing expert Janine Breaker. She taught Disney people how to draw, doncha know!

Anyway, I found the lessons and lectures she gave, if nothing else, forced us to look a lot harder at body construction, and angles and shit. Still..... more work to do! Scan scan scan!!

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Video Test

Sorry folks! Film has been removed 'til after the Glammies.

Monday, 22 May 2006

One Week Left

I've got that pic I was gonna post yesterday. But I'm keeping it for tomorrow. Instead I shall display one of my sketchier efforts. After all that fuss yesterday, the new Crack comic was up - but posted three times! I've sorted it now though. Thank fuck.

I REALLY shouldn't be doing this, as I have until Friday to finish my film and there's still quite a way to go. Oh, and Ben has just shown me this awesome flash cartoon about uses of the word 'Fuck'.

So anyways, here's todays derivative piece of shit.

Sunday, 21 May 2006

What is this fresh hell?

Just as I finished a post on Crack Comics complaining about using fucking dial up, the blog turns around and refuses to publish my post. Nice.

I wanted to post a couple of pictures today, but I left the appropriate skecthbook under my lightbox at uni. So I'm using some crap from my new, partially-furbished sketchbook instead.

I'd just like to add that, at about 2am when I was up finishing the new crack comic, I head scuffling behind the wall. My mother had said previously she heard a rodent up there, but I protested that it was the birds nesting between the roof and wall (my bedroom is in the attic you see). Not long later, I look down, and what do I see? a little black mouse sniffing around the floor. I was gobsmacked, my only reaction being a startled cry of "What the fuck?!!", which startled him back into hiding. Or so I thought. I went to have a look, and he was still sitting under my desk. I chased him back into the hole from whence he came, somehwere behind said desk and comfy armchair. Bastard.

And at the moment, my mother decided to open up the sealed loft space behind my room to make a sort of junk cupborad, like the one that exists on the other side. This means that all my collected stuff had to be moved from the stairs to my already overcrowded room, leaving approximately 1.5 sq feet of floorspace. As opposed the the potential 36-ish. And now I have to clear the floor and lay poison and/or traps. Great.

Friday, 19 May 2006

I am so smart! S-M-R-T!

Hello my pretties. The new Batman comic is done.

Working Stuff

By about lunchtime, I should have a new Batman Crack Comic to go up on Crack Comics Ltd. , although I REALLY need to go and do some animation now in order to finish my film. Oh yeah, there is a new post up there by .357, 'tis very funny!

In the meantime, look at this quick coulour study I did for a background design project a couple of months ago.

Roads going through floaty hoops and things. You know?

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Cool mun innit

By entering uni at the ridiculously early time of 8:20 am, I find I have enough time to scan and colour some comic strips. I start this at about 8:55, and am done by around 9:30 - by which time I am fully ready to tackle some serious animation. As opposed to my usual routine of turning up at 10 and doing nothing...

I must go now, and prepare the Riddler!

Wednesday, 17 May 2006

this is me this is mun