Wednesday, 7 June 2006

Because the Universe Hates Me.

I've decided to put up my business card, which I had to design in uni a couple of weeks ago.
For the crack like.

Right. It's that time of year again - the Glammies is coming, and of course students were shortlisted for nominations. For awards. Nick, the tutor, also wanted my film to go in. But I had only finished it in rough, and of course it needed to be cleaned up and coloured to go in.
So Nick decided that all the other 2D animation students in my year should help me finish it.

Cue the hatred.

So for the last week, I had to finish some animation while everyone else cleaned it up. Then it had to be scanned into Animo (animation colouring and compositing programme type thing) and coloured, and then re-timed and exported to put it together as a film. So it's been a complete mind fuck, and would have been utterly impossible if my wonderful girlfriend hadn't acted as production manager/clean up artist/ and basically organising everything for me.

It's not finished yet, but what has been done of it has been sent off today with the other student films for judging. We still have to try and get it done for the Glammies next Friday....

So big respect to everyone who basically made my film!

No time to make post, time is short.
Here is my recently designed business card.

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