Sunday, 21 May 2006

What is this fresh hell?

Just as I finished a post on Crack Comics complaining about using fucking dial up, the blog turns around and refuses to publish my post. Nice.

I wanted to post a couple of pictures today, but I left the appropriate skecthbook under my lightbox at uni. So I'm using some crap from my new, partially-furbished sketchbook instead.

I'd just like to add that, at about 2am when I was up finishing the new crack comic, I head scuffling behind the wall. My mother had said previously she heard a rodent up there, but I protested that it was the birds nesting between the roof and wall (my bedroom is in the attic you see). Not long later, I look down, and what do I see? a little black mouse sniffing around the floor. I was gobsmacked, my only reaction being a startled cry of "What the fuck?!!", which startled him back into hiding. Or so I thought. I went to have a look, and he was still sitting under my desk. I chased him back into the hole from whence he came, somehwere behind said desk and comfy armchair. Bastard.

And at the moment, my mother decided to open up the sealed loft space behind my room to make a sort of junk cupborad, like the one that exists on the other side. This means that all my collected stuff had to be moved from the stairs to my already overcrowded room, leaving approximately 1.5 sq feet of floorspace. As opposed the the potential 36-ish. And now I have to clear the floor and lay poison and/or traps. Great.

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