Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Mmmmm..... Cheeseburger

The only drawing I've done lately is character development doodles for work; and I haven't scanned them yet so I bring you this:

Yes, I've been playing with the Lolcat builder, using pictures of my cat, at I Can Has Cheez Burger. For most of today. To be fair though, I've had a lot of downtime, as I've been waiting to see Robin Lyons at Calon to get some feedback for our storyboards.

If I'm lucky, (and a good boy) Kei might be getting me a new phone for Christmas. It's a Sony Ericsson k550i, and I wants it. I think it will be handy for taking pictures and blogging when we go to Bangkok in January.

Also, I've been using Firefox a lot lately.
It's only because it's the default browser for EVERYTHING on my work PC, and I haven't been able to figure out how to change it. Although I've come around to it a bit more now that I've discovered how easily I can download and install new themes and add-ons. Really though, Internet Explorer does the same as Firefox... but better.

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