Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Look, real artwork, as promised:

This is an entry for the Kincat club on DeviantART, a new club formed by my fiance and my friend. This month's theme is 'Joy'...

I'm also thinking of giving this blog over to purely artistic pursuits; create an online portfolio of sorts, perhaps. Wordpress looks pretty tidy, maybe I'll use that to vent my garbage everywhere.


Ken said...

looking good mate!!

self portrait or...? wahaha!

lookin forward to more updates

Todd Shmetter said...


i just got a new sony ericsson too =P

haha i felt te same =D

Todd Shmetter said...

... heh i dunno if you can just message other bloggers .... i cant seem to fnd a way.

So youre getting another comment.... you double posted me anyway so this is my double post =D

i got me the w580... its the one they brought out just before the new shakey phone.... so i dont get a cool camera like you =P

Todd Shmetter said...

you can shake it to shuffle songs and things pretty useless but it looks cool