Wednesday, 29 August 2007

The List Continues

I've finally hit 30 out of the 100 list on DeviantArt. Well, I'm at 31 now. I started off and did like 10 in the first week, but lately I've been so busy with Maya and what not that i just ain't got the time. Anyhow here's one of the drawings. You know what, tomorrow I'm gonna put up some actual rough sketchy junk. Oh yes. I'm also quite excited about going out for Claire's birthday on saturday - even if it means I have to go out and buy proper shoes to wear to fucking gay dance clubs like a huge SQUARE. Hopefully I'll find some shit-kickin' boots.

Here's a Robot I drew for an art trade with Chip14:


Ken said...

love the robot!

Ash Collins said...

thanks dawg!