Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Claire came over last night to drop off a software CD that Phill made for us, and she drove us to get a takeway. I rather foolishly had a kebab and was up at 2am screaming my guts into the toilet. Thanks Claire.

I just found a picture I did when I started at Cyfle, and I couldn't use the Wacom because it was configured to dual monitors. I've fixed it now, but compared to my one at home it's still crap!

This un's a pic I did a while ago for the 100 list I'm doing on DeviantArt, under the title "Dying".

Moving on, Tomato Dragon is holding a competition on DeviantArt to draw his Tomato Dragon charcacter as a supehero/villain. My entry is the Hellboy one, but I couldn't resist doing Spider-Man as well!


Gilby said...

Of all the names, you chose frank!

pretty sweet sketch though, funny


Kei Phillips said...

i like these a lot!