Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Them's the Breaks

Things have progressed since my last post. I did indeed travel to London on my broken foot. Yes, last time I said I had broken my toe, but I've since seen the X-rays and it's a fracture on the fifth bone of my foot, right at the base, so really it's my foot thats broken (hence the stupid cast). More on that later though.

So on Saturday, the four of us went to meet our landlady, sign some contracts, and hand over ridiculous sums of cash. Or rather, Kei and Allyn did, seeing as Alicia and I are skint. In any case, we now have the flat! Romana - the landlady that is - and her husband explained all the boring bits about heating, showed us the post box, handed over the keys and fucked off. All we have to do now, for the time being, is decide what lovely cheap furniture we're going to get from Ikea (we also have to set up Direct Debits, arrange internet access and telephone lines and all that business, but that can wait!)

It was absolutely crippling, though. Due to the stupid half-cast thing on my foot, I couldn't put any weight on it, leaving my to lurch from tube stop to tube stop on a pair of crutches that were mangling my hands - probably because I'm to fat to support my weight on a pair of plastic handles.

I'm alright now though! I went to the hospital today and had that cast taken off, and now I have a metatarsal slipper. This is basically a small open-toed cast with a rubber sandal, so now I can walk on my foot but I look like even more of a tit than before! At least it will be easier to get round London this Saturday to go furniture shopping....

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