Friday, 26 September 2008


It amazes me to see artists, who are actually a bit rubbish, getting paid to draw cartoons for publications or similar. Seriously, without trying to be egotistical, I am much better than some of these people (and by the same token there are hundreds of thousands of artists who make my work look like absolute dross). It makes me realise that I could probably achieve a lot more if I were to make the effort.

In any case, I'm still plugging away at the daily sketch thing, but I've yet to sort out all my drawings and scattered files, so the blog is a bit empty at the moment (this is a knock-on effect of the big move to London in June). I'll keep you posted.

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hernandez fiendish - said...

Looks like Frank Ironwine, from Warren Ellis' 'Apparat' Collection.

Check it: